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Do you crave a stunning visual accompaniment when you listen to your favorite songs? Do you want to turn your computer into an extravaganza of sensory stimuli? If so, the music visualization app projectM is for you.

Tweaking the visualizer

If you were a Winamp user back in the day, you just may remember a little something called MilkDrop. Therefore, we suggest you try it yourself on your own desktop! If you wish to install projectM through your Linux package management system, the binary to look for is either projectM-pulseaudio for which you need the PulseAudio sound server or projectM-jack for which you need the JACK Audio Connection Kit.

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The version you choose should depend on which sound server you prefer to use with your musical applications. Note that PulseAudio is a general-purpose sound server included by default on many systems, while JACK is typically used in music production environments. ProjectM will automatically detect your audio stream when you play music, provided your media player is routed through the appropriate sound server a la PulseAudio or JACK. After a few seconds, this will morph into one of the included presets. ProjectM is not only useful for playing music, but for recording it too. If you happen to have a digital projector on hand, you can pull off some awesome video jockey stunts.

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This is a recording session in which projectM is taking input from my microphone while JACK Rack provides real-time audio effects:. ProjectM is fully backwards-compatible with MilkDrop. You can rate your presets from the preset browser in projectM and even make playlists from them. The default playlist consists of all the presets that appear in the sidebar. To add other presets to the current playlist, click the leftmost button in the menu:. This is a playlist with one item:. The most amazing thing about ProjectM is that anyone can create presets for it.

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Note: You must have write permissions for the directory the preset is saved in to apply your changes. You can help support projectM by purchasing one of the mobile apps. Rate this app:.

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I'm using iTunes I even tried putting them in my home library folder and still nothing. Like 1. Hi Josh. Apple removed support for 3. As such, the requirements for Hardcover 2 remains iTunes 7.

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Sincerely, Bry, M. The same happened to me. Thanks to the developer it's now all clear. Could this plugin be confused by the fact that my audio files are located on another partition?

Because, none of my other visualizers have that problem. Looks nice other than that Nevertheless, it seems to be a nice idea.

Make your MacBook Pro Keyboard Lights Dance to Music!

Hi Hal. Hardcover uses the standard signal iTunes broadcasts every time a new track starts playing. Until iTunes 11 this signal would also be broadcasted one extra time whenever you activated a visualizer, but iTunes 11 or later doesn't seem to bother with that anymore. As such, try changing tracks or stopping and then starting again the currently playing track once Hardcover is active, an you'll be able to enjoy Hardcover in its full glory. Reviews with stars but no comments are either bogus or otherwise useless. It suggests the developer needs a better class of friends.

And what's Hardcover Advanced? Looks like just another bait and switch scam. Tell us what it is and what it costs or forget it. Might be a good product, but how would we know? All my apps are written purely for myself and my love for the Mac community. They are all completely free of charge as a nod to all the wonderful freeware I myself have enjoyed on the Mac throughout the past 25 years.